Mobile App Privacy policy

Saints at Play Limited is dedicated to providing the best possible user experience for users of this application. With this in mind we have constructed the following privacy policy which details information we collect from you and ways in which your privacy is protected.

  1. Google Analytics tracking code is installed and used to report usage statistics for this App. The data collected by the Google Analytics tracking snippet includes only the name of the screen that is currently being viewed, list options that have been selected, button/hyperlink clicks and names of forms that have been submitted. This data is collected so that we can determine how the App is functioning, whether or not there are areas of concern that need to be addressed and helps us to plan new features that will be implemented in further versions of the App
  2. No personal identifying information such as, but not limited to, your name, age, address, sexual orientation, financial details, salary or occupation is captured, stored or used by Saints at Play Limited through your use of the App. Information that we do collect, when you submit data through the App, will be limited to non-personal identifying details such as IP address, network host details, operating system, browser and device type and version (I.e. iPhone 5)
  3. No personal identifying information concerning your mobile device such as unique device identifiers and mobile network information (such as your phone number) is captured or stored by Saints at Play Limited unless voluntarily submitted to us by yourself
  4. The data that we collect, from submissions that you make to ourselves through the App, is gathered to determine usage statistics for the App. In circumstances where a user of the App causes a breach of the End-User License Agreement or violates any applicable law or regulation we shall use the supplied data to comply with any legal investigation that may arise from such actions
  5. We make every reasonable effort to protect any data that you submit to ourselves from being accessed, altered, disclosed or deleted by any unauthorised parties. We cannot, however, guarantee absolute protection of your personal data due to circumstances that may arise out of our control such as, but not limited to, computer hacking, trojan attacks, viruses/worms or other similarly destructive computer scripts, methods of data harvesting and physical theft
  6. You agree that any information you supply to ourselves through the App is entirely at your own risk and you agree, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, to fully indemnify and hold Saints at Play Limited, its administrators and agents and any related third parties, including, but not limited to, platform providers such as Apple, Google, Android and RIM Blackberry, telecom network providers, internet service providers and social media networks harmless with respect to any losses, damages or claims, howsoever caused through your decision to share and/or submit information to ourselves through the App
  7. The App uses the following third party services: Google Analytics, Google Maps and Twitter. You are advised to visit Google’s privacy policy to learn more about how Google uses data when using the App. To learn more about Twitter’s management of user data please visit their privacy policy
  8. The HTML5 geo-location service is used in the App to help determine your current location in relation to finding airports using full body scanner equipment that are nearest to you. Results of searches made based from geo-location data can be stored on the database of the mobile device you are using but this is entirely controllable by yourself. Searches that have been saved are able to be removed, at any time by yourself, from within the App. Information regarding your current location, as determined by the HTML5 geo-location service, is used only for the duration of the related search functionality that it is connected with and is not stored by the App and/or transmitted to Saints at Play Limited or any other third party whatsoever
  9. Saints at Play Limited does not, under any circumstances other than through written legal request by a recognised authority of law, provide or share any details about you or your usage of the App with any individual or organisation outside of Saints at Play Limited. Furthermore we do not tolerate use of the App in a way that infringes on the privacy of other individuals or constitutes criminal behaviour and will comply with the relevant authorities to resolve any and all complaints received on this level